Process all types of data - excel, csv, txt, pdf, json, xml from files or API calls. 

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!IMPORTANT!! The data that you upload from excel/csv/json files IS NOT SENT to our servers. All the processing is done in browser, on your computer. The only data that is sent to the server during processing are the processing steps, in case you want to save them for future run. There are 3 exceptions:

1. The data that is read trough API calls (browser doesn't allow by default reading from other domains except the one that you are browsing on). The data is not saved to your server.

2. We recommend to process big excel files (>10MB files) on the server as the browser might run out of memory. DataProcessor will warn you about this and ask you for server processing. Again, data is not stored on the server.

3. In case you want to create a datasource that you want to use for other scripts (like a list of countries or products) you will be able to do this. The save procedure warns you that the data will be saved on our server in a secure way.

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